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Wedding Flower Course

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Wedding Flower Course

Reception Flowers

Wedding reception flowers are fun and exciting to design and create. Technical knowledge, planning and preparation however are very important aspects that will allow you to create the wedding flowers you dream of!

This course will look at venue decorating, colour schemes, flower choice, availability and purchasing. Of course the most important aspect is achieving the look you want, so this course will be practical and backed up by the technical know-how as well as the planning and timing involved.

Hans will show you lots of variations and provide lots of top tips throughout the course. All containers, materials and flowers are included.

Saturday 18th September 10 - 1.30 - Low Table Designs

Low table designs ‘decorate the table’ – these designs are generally cheaper than tall designs, but they can disappear amongst the guests i.e. they don’t add décor to room or space. You will create a textured glass cake stand design (included).

Saturday 16th October 10 - 1.30 - Tall Table Designs

These designs can add drama and decorate the space, as they are still visible when a space is full of people. The flowers should be used at the correct height to keep sight-lines clear across the table. You will create a dramatic tall design on a speciallymade 80cm metal stand (included).

Saturday 13th November 10 - 1.30 - Top Table Designs

Top tables are usually a large white rectangle with the bridal party behind it. Often the flowers sit only on top of the table – here we will look at working on and down the front of the table. This offers lots of possibilities for adding individual touches! You will create a trailing table design (container included)


Price: £295.00